Colin Day & Roget's Thesaurus of the Bible

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Biography of Dr A Colin Day

1935 Born in Leeds, West Yorkshire
1945-53 West Leeds High School
1953-56 King's College, Cambridge
Qualification: M.A. in Natural Sciences
1953 Accepted Christ as Saviour at the Freshers' Sermon of the Christian Union
1956-58 National Service in the Royal Air Force
Junior Technician (Airborne Radar)
1958-59 Bible Training Institute, Glasgow
1959 Joined Wycliffe Bible Translators / Summer Institute of Linguistics
1960 Married Isobel Jean Bellerby
1960-63 In South Vietnam
Learning Tho (a tribal language)
Produced trial edition of Mark's Gospel in Tho
School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
Qualification: Ph.D. in General Linguistics
In India and Nepal, assisting WBT/SIL workers
1967 Resigned from WBT/SIL
1967-92 Computer Centre, University College London, University of London
Head of Applications
Computer Consultant
Qualification: FBCS (Fellow of the British Computer Society)
1994 Retired to Wensleydale, North Yorkshire

If you want to know more, then here is the story of my life in some detail, which you may download as Microsoft Word™ files, chapter by chapter.

Chapter 1: Mam and Dad (updated June 2004)

Chapter 2: Early years (updated June 2004)

Chapter 3: High school (updated July 2004)

Chapter 4: Cambridge (updated July 2004)

Chapter 5: Preparation for service (updated July 2004)

Chapter 6: Jungle Camp and beyond (updated July 2004)

Chapter 7: Vietnam (updated July 2004)

Chapter 8: PhD (updated July 2004)

Chapter 9: India and Nepal (updated July 2004)

Chapter 10: The Computer Centre (updated August 2004)

Chapter 11: And so on . . . (updated August 2004)