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I hope you will find my web site easy to use. You can navigate around this web site using any of the following methods:

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Valid CSSThe Cascading Style Sheet used throughout this web site validates to W3C standards.

Valid HTML 4.01Pages throughout this web site validate to HTML 4.01, though we have chosen not to display the logo on every page.


This web site has been designed to be accessible to as wide a range of users as possible.

The site uses style sheets to control the formatting of the text and positioning of elements on the page. If your browser does not render the style sheet correctly, the visual appearance of the pages will differ, but you should find that the site is still perfectly usable.

The size of the text can be altered to suit your requirements. Many Internet browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer) allow you to customise the size of the font on web pages. To do this in Internet Explorer, select the View menu at the top of your screen, then select Text Size, and then select a size. If you already have your text size set to larger or smaller than the default (medium) our web pages should automatically display the font at the size you have selected.