Colin Day & Roget's Thesaurus of the Bible

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Please read my disclaimer before downloading any of the programs available from this web site. When seeking to download a program you may encounter warnings. Please feel free to proceed nevertheless, as the programs are without any malicious effects.

Bible Thesaurus

Two program packages are supplied in the form of Zip files. Download the file and double-click it. You will be invited to choose the folder into which the component files will be placed. When the files have been unzipped, the program may be started by double-clicking on the .exe file (ShowBibThs.exe or MakeBibThs.exe). You may want to put shortcuts to these programs on your desktop. The programs should run on both 32-bit and 64-bit PCs. Please tell me if there are problems

Show Bible Thesaurus

This will display either the Concise or the Full thesaurus.


Make Bible Thesaurus

This comes with instructions to enable you to construct your own thesaurus which may be displayed by the former program.


The Concise and Full versions of the Thesaurus are available in book form from booksellers.

In addition, Getting it Straight from the Bible is a book also available from booksellers, presenting the main themes which have been found during work compiling the Thesaurus, with applications for today. The matters covered include the inspiration of the Bible, how to interpret it, the law, the Jews, the promised land, money, the sabbath, the Bible and science, the last things and the church. The conclusions reached are often are variance with what may be currently taught, but they are based on the 30 years spent going through and through the Bible and seeking to represent its teachings fairly and without prejudice. This book may also be viewed or downloaded from this website - click on Straight from the Bible.